My passion is to create a personal piece of art out of wood. A Dandy bowtie is a handmade luxury piece that defines love, style and an eye for detail.

Due to several years of hard work as a wood technologist I got the opportunity to learn the inns and outs of detailed woodwork. Therefore, I can guarantee the delivery of a finished end product, fully adapted to the customers personal needs and preferences.


Custom made designs


Each Dandy is created out of decent and appropriate wood with a perfect grain. After a longterm and exact process of carving and polishing. The bow tie gets an elegant and proper finishing touch before being wrapped up in its exclusive Dandy package/box. As mentioned earlier the Dandy brand really lives up to the customers desires.

Custom Made

Nothing is impossible. The customer gets the opportunity to customize its own bowtie. You can choose the shape, wood source, the finishing fabric and a very own Dandy name. Engravings in the bow tie such as names, symbols or dates can be demanded as well. There’s of course also the possibility to order a Dandy out of collection.



I am a young entrepreneur with a passion for wood. During my studies of woodtechnology my inspiration grew, especially during my internship in Indonesia last year, I learned so much of their creative way of working with wood. Both my college and internship were the perfect sources of inspiration for my idea of making an unique piece of detailed wood art for everyone of you! This idea is becoming reality now by selling an unique handmade wooden bowtie designed by yourself. You get the chance to design yourself by choosing the shape, wood type, color, ribbon so it would match perfectly with your outfit!

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